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Access targeted data to clarify demographic patterns and trends in your area. This robust service provides customized reports, both current and projected, of population figures for your geographic location, including age, gender, and household income levels. Take advantage of this opportunity to review years of U.S. Census data in an accessible and compelling format, and glean important insights about your school’s target market.

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This service is available to NBOA members located in the United States.

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"The demographic report contained a lot of interesting and pertinent information that was used for both finance and admissions committee work. The admissions task force used the information in the report to pinpoint target areas to develop outreach strategies to increase our racial, socioeconomic and religious diversity. The finance committee used the information as part of the long-range financial modeling process to take into account expected changes in local demographics particularly at the elementary school age. This tool helped to frame discussions and provide context for decision-making. The report was promptly prepared, easy to read and was very useful."

Susan Downing

Susan Downing

Director of Finance, North Shore Country Day School


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