Why should I join?

Founded by independent school business officers for independent school business officers, NBOA is committed to understanding your challenges and providing you with accessible, affordable, top-quality resources to strengthen every aspect of your school’s business operations. By joining this vibrant and generous community of peers, you will exchange ideas, discuss common challenges, leverage valuable research and tools, and identify effective and sustainable solutions for your school.

Which membership category is right for me?

Regardless of your role within the independent school community, membership in NBOA is exceptionally value-rich.

If you join as an independent school’s business officer or other staff, any colleague at your school may also take advantage of membership benefits, including accessing online resources, attending webinars and receiving the magazine. If you’re a retired business officer who wants to stay connected to the community, there’s a special rate for you. And if you represent an association or corporation that is passionate about independent schools, we have a membership category for you, too.

Membership Categories

U.S. Schools
Independent schools located within the United States.
International Schools
Independent schools located outside the United States.
Nonprofit organizations (excluding schools) that work with U.S. or international independent schools, including associations, foundations, coordinating bodies, and agencies. Association Member organizations must be entitled to tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3).
For-profit companies who serve independent schools and/or are interested in the work of NBOA.
Retired Business Officers
Former business officers who have retired from a school but want to maintain contact with their colleagues and the industry.

Benefits of Membership

U.S. School Int'l
Association Corporation Retired
See below $400 $350 $1,200 $50
Program Discounts X X X X X
Free Webinars X X X X X
PurchasingPoint X
Net Assets Magazine X X X X
Unlimited Net Assets NOW Newsletter X X X X X
Unlimited X X X X X
Online Communities X X X Limited X
Resources by Topic X X X X X
Access to Survey Data X X Limited Limited Limited
Demographic Information X
Member Directory Access X X X X X
Product Discounts X
TULIP Insurance X Limited
CareerHQ X X X X X
CPE Credit X X X X X
Advertising X X X X
Exhibiting X
Sponsorship X X
Potential Webinar Host X

U.S. Schools: Annual Dues

Dues are based on the total annual budget of your school. Dues are billed on a fiscal year basis, running from July 1 to June 30.

Total Annual Budget Dues
<$1M $310
$1M to <$2M $595
$2M to <$3M $905
$3M to <$4M $1,265
Total Annual Budget Dues
$4M to <$5M $1,595
$5M to <$6M $1,920
$6M to <$7M $2,330
$7M to <$8M $2,785
Total Annual Budget Dues
$8M to <$9M $3,220
$9M to <$10M $3,710
$10M to <$12M $3,930
$12M to <$15M $3,945
Total Annual Budget Dues
$15M to <$20M $4,215
$20M to <$30M $4,395
$30M to <$50M $4,630
$50M+ $4,845