HR 101 for School Administrators: Course Details


The complete course is three weeks, from June 12 through June 30, 2017.

The class is conducted on the Haiku Learning Management platform, and requires a willingness to experiment with new applications of technology, as well as a computer with a video camera and microphone. Classes are conducted asynchronously, so there is no single time each week when participants are required to be online. However, participants should commit to spending at least 3-5 hours each week the class is in session.

Coursework and assignments for each week open on Monday morning, and should be completed by the following Sunday evening. Grace periods may be given, but interaction is more effective when the entire class is working on the same topic. Participants will connect and collaborate with each other through several forms of media, including short videos, voicethreads and discussion boards.

Certificate of Completion

A registrant interested in obtaining a Certificate of Completion for a course must complete the program and earn the Course Completion badge in the Haiku Learning Platform. A certificate will only be issued to a registrant who has earned this badge.

Course Description

Week 1: Hiring, Interviewing and Making the Hire

Hiring the right person for the job is crucial to the success of your division and the mission of the school. This unit will cover the legal framework of the hiring process, including recruitment, application process, developing clear job descriptions and understanding the "do's and don'ts" of the interview.

Week 2: Managing

Supervisors often field difficult questions and requests from employees, including time off, accommodations and other unexpected changes. Learn how to best respond to these requests with a clear understanding of the legal protections afforded to employees, the benefits provided by your school policy, and how those apply to each.

Week 3: Evaluation and Separation

Providing clear, consistent and honest feedback to employees can raise special challenges for school administrators. Develop an understanding of how to communicate with employees while minimizing legal risks and maintaining a commitment to your school's mission and culture. Learn about the separation process and the legal pitfalls to avoid.

Summer Online Courses

Online Courses

Learn from the comfort of your own desk in one of two online courses NBOA is offering this summer: HR 101 for School Administrators and Essentials of School Business for Non-Business Administrators. Each class requires about 3-5 hours of work each week and lasts for 3 weeks.

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