Online Courses

Essentials of the Business Office

In this robust online course, participants use a proven online platform that allows for asynchronous learning and interaction with both facilitators and colleagues. This program is designed for both new business officers and more experienced professionals seeking new insights.

Essentials of School Business for Non-Business Administrators: Budget Meets Mission

This online course is designed for those administrators who desire to be good stewards of their school’s financial resources, to be strategic in light of financial pressure, and to work more collaboratively with their leadership team around financial issues.

Human Resource Compliance for Independent Schools

This online course is designed for both human resources professionals and business officers who have oversight and responsibility for human resources. Participants will be empowered with the knowledge and tools to address day-to-day human resources challenges, improve their policies and practices, and know when to engage legal counsel.

HR 101 for School Administrators

This is a three-week online course designed for independent school administrators, department heads and others who are responsible for supervising school employees. The course provides a legal framework that will help you spot issues, learn when to seek help and avoid legal risks.

Long-Range Financial Modeling

This program is designed for business officers who want to spend less time tweaking their long-range financial model and more time using the data to make sound financial decisions for their schools. The course will give you the opportunity to load the NBOA Long-Range Financial Model and test your assumptions while having access to the facilitators to ask questions to help you fine tune your model.

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These programs are presented with generous support from TIAA.

Registration Open for HR Compliance for Independent Schools Online Course

Online Courses

HR Compliance is a 6-week online course designed for both human resources professionals and business officers who oversee and manage human resources. Participants will develop an understanding in key areas of federal human resources compliance and be empowered to address day-to-day human resources challenges and improve their policies and practices.